Upgrades & Refurbishment


Asset refurbishment to maintain and extend the life of existing products can defer investment cost and be of major benefit. RepairTech has a wealth of experience in the refurbishment and upgrade of assets to deliver innovative salvage capabilities, enabling restoration of used assets to near-original condition and specification in order to extend asset life.

Our refurbishment capability supports our customers in achieving their goals with refurbishment solutions precisely matched to meet their actual requirements. Whether an asset needs a complete modernisation, technology retro fit, component refurbishment or is subject to a product recall, RepairTech will collaborate with customers to devise a customised concept.

By applying our knowledge, experience, and best practices to your business, you will be able to clearly navigate through an upgrade/refurbishment/product recall process helping to ensure that you efficiently and effectively protect your revenue, brand, and customer loyalty.

Product recalls do not have to become a crisis if managed promptly and effectively. When a product recall or corrective action is correctly managed, brand reputation and customer loyalty will not be affected long term.

Our Product Recall and Corrective Action Management Services include:

  • Product testing to identify safety issues
  • Recall, upgrade and return
  • Product disposal
  • Project management services including reporting and cost analysis