Our Services:

  • Returns

    Recovering maximum economic value.


  • Repairs

    Refurbishing products
    to a high standard.


  • Warranty

    A specialised service for each of our clients.


  • Upgrades

    Providing maximum revenue and customer service.


Returns Management

At RepairTech, we don’t only manage product returns. We identify new opportunities, reduce unwanted returns, refurbish and control reusable assets to recover maximum economic value for our customers.

Our specialist electrical returns capability perfectly compliments Clipper’s market-leading returns management service, Boomerang™. Launched in 2013, Boomerang™ takes cost, complexity and risk out of the returns process – but more importantly, it delivers results. It helps retailers to become more competitive, more responsive and ever more popular with their customers. Clipper handles returns for a number of major retailers throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Now part of the Clipper group, RepairTech adds to the comprehensive range of returns management services across the whole spectrum of apparel, general merchandise and electronic and electrical equipment.

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