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VESTEL Awards Toshiba TV Work to RepairTech

VESTEL Awards Toshiba TV Work to RepairTech

June 2017

After a UK tender, RepairTech was awarded the contract to manage Toshiba brand TVs from Vestel.

Vestel have launched an exciting new range of TVs and expected sales growth is very high.

RepairTech will manage all repairs centrally and work closely with the Vestel nominated call centre to create a best in class service for Vestel. Richard Costello, RepairTech Managing Director said:

“This is really fantastic news for RepairTech. We are already the UK nominated accredited repair centre for Toshiba laptops, so to continue with the Toshiba brand with TVs is great news.

“Also this fits perfectly into the TV services we are already offering other brands and across our insurance partners. The Toshiba TVs look set for strong growth and we are delighted to be supporting Vestel with this Toshiba work along with their other brands.”